From the beginning...

Ever since a young age, I have been fascinated equally by traditional science - I love having logical explanations to how things work, and all things magical, mystical and metaphysical!

I didn't fit in very well as a child, neither at home into my cultural background, or at school. So I found myself constantly reading. Always one to develop cutting edge ways to do things, I taught myself to experience my first out of body experience at the age of 16. Not realising at the time - this was the start of my awakening to becoming a lightworker.  

I continued with a more traditional route in my career and graduated from university in Chemistry and went on to qualify and work as a high school chemistry teacher for over 10 years. At the same time, I was undergoing many life challenges and discovered EFT. This was amazing and life enhancing for me so I decided to gain qualifications and practice alongside my teaching career. And over time I continued to study other modalities and gain qualifications in them.

Over time, I found my intuitive and healing abilities skyrocket and I was able to help hundreds of people overcome their challenges. I found my healing, intuitive and channelling abilities have grown exponentially and continue to do so. 

My journey has been in the fast lane. I have gained many more qualifications as well as studying and understanding other major modalities. 

I have appeared on many major healing telesummits where I have showcased my seemingly simple but effective methods - the teacher in me likes to simplify things. I have loyal clients all over the world. And I am currently working on writing my book, creating courses and taking my work to the stage so I can serve many people at the same time.